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Encoding /decoding - audio & video: wav, mp3, aac, jpeg, mjpeg, h.264, etc.
Augmented reality objects adding (AR)
Image analysis, objects selection, data processing: Speed of objects, Behavior of objects, Changing facilities, Comparison with reference, Objects tracking, Objects dimensioning

Video data processing algorithms development is essential in enormous amount of task when we use digital devices and smartphones. Video data processing is very useful for example when video file size is too large to load it entirely for processing purposes. Specific processing solutions we choose basing on the stream processing architecture.

We use and develop solutions for typical video processing tasks: object detection, tracking, dimensioning, angles detection, stabilization, objects’ contours comparison, comparison of various other parameters of objects on images.

Common tasks that our team fulfills: objects and their parameters visualization; transferring algorithms to smartphones, cloud or server; obtaining video, audio, images from different digital devices; real-time operating solutions development.

Video capture from digital devices - web cameras, thermal imagers, IR sensors. Video analysis using various methods: optical flow, edge selection, background blurring, pattern matching. Preliminary and subsequent processing tasks for example - defocusing of the optics, low contrast, noise interference.