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Mobile Apps Development
For all digital devices with wireless interfaces: BT, Wi-Fi, NFC
For any device connected to home Ethernet
For Internet of Things (IoT) devices
For digital devices without wireless interfaces - we complement your devices with wireless modules
We develop algorithms: digital data processing & storing - sound, images and video

People are increasingly using growing number of different digital devices - mobile, optical, medial, fitness, for specific professionals, domestic, for pets, for care services, security and others. Mobile app is an excellent tool to connect any digital device to smartphone or cloud, such combination allows to transfer and to fulfill all the computer calculations and data processing functions on server, smartphone or cloud and to reduce, miniaturize device itself. That means to reduce costs for the device, to add more functionality - to add extra values for the customers.

Having a lot of experience in video & audio data processing for various systems, devices and apps our team provides services of mobile apps development for wide range of customers. As a must each app development project takes advantages of Android, iOS & Windows Phone platforms capabilities and complies with user interface - UI requirements for each platform. While building mobile apps, our team considers user experience - UX requirements, fitting specific demands of the segment where the app will be used.