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Our Works
Third Eye
Universal and cheap thermal imager. Special device that allows you to interact with any wearable technology through Wi-Fi. The module is universal, has its own battery and does not require a wired connection that allows you to use the same device on the iOS and Android platforms.
This application allows you to make new acquaintances in a small radius of the user's physical location. Also, a lot of attention is given to encryption, so the user’s content can’t be read the, even when the server is hacked.
Smart Taxi
The application allows you to call a taxi on your current location using GPS data. It is also possible to calculate the cost of a future trip, route, pay a trip for friends, as well as check the history of own and family trips.
Sendly application allows you to pay bills for mobile phone from anywhere in the world. This application solves the problem of account recharge, regardless of the country of domicile. Payments in domestic currency, as well as in any other.
Group It
Group It application helps to cope with the abundance of social networks. This application collects data from the most popular networks and displays in one application. New posts, tweets, friends updates and various events can be tracked by using only one application.
Jibberin allows you to send free messages and calls to other users on any device over any network and country of the world. The app has the ability to send text messages, make both ordinary and video calls between users, add their friends into different groups, to inform about new developments and to conduct a joint calendar of various events.
Applications written for inventory control. Using a fingerprint to access, employees may take a different task/job and complete the current task by re-scanned fingerprint confirmation. For this project the specialized device based on Android smartphone is used.
Utrac Staff
Utrac Staff application helps in the organization of events and distribution of tasks. With the help of this application, the event organizers assign different tasks to personnel, track their status, as well as control the timing.