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Group It
About the project

The Group It application helps to cope with the abundance of social networks. This application collects data from the most popular networks into one application. New messages, tweets, friends updates and various events can be tracked using only one application.

Social networks

The application collects from the most popular social networks: Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Snapchat, LinkedIn, WhatsApp. Now new messages and events can be tracked using only Group It.

Application settings allow you to disable data collection from individual social networks at any time, as well as add new ones.


In the application the opportunity is realized to group contacts and chats by interests, spheres or in any other way convenient for the user.

In groups, it is possible to exchange messages, photos, intersections, files. There is also the possibility of joint planning of events.


Any member of the group can create new chats, as well as make them private for a certain range of contacts. Users have the opportunity to file complaints against participants whom they consider not relevant.

In the conversation itself there is a standard functional: the invitation of users, the requirement to render ban to users, as well as the request to make the conversation private. The decision on these requests is made by the chat administrator - the user who created it.


Data exchange with the server was implemented using the Retrofit library. Storage and exchange of data is carried out using Firebase. Notifications of new events were realized with the help of EventBus, which greatly simplified the interaction with the life cycle of the application. Loading and caching images was entrusted to Universal Image Loader. Serialization and deserialization of data was carried out by the library from Google - Gson.

At this time, the application is available on Google Play.