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Smart Taxi
A task

One of the taxi services asked to help automate and improve the process of ordering a taxi. In the course of acquaintance with the current business processes and the method of ordering a taxi, TK was formed, as well as a functional that can be provided to the user. The result of the project was 2 appointments: one for users, another for drivers.


The functionality of Smart Taxi allows you to track the current location of the user and order a car, make a preferred route, track family trips, pay friends, view travel statistics and taxi expenses.

In the second application, drivers can take their preferred orders based on the current location, the user rating, the number of people.


The project has several non-typical tasks that have been successfully resolved. Some of them: creating an application with a unique design in the absence of the necessary API from the side of the Android SDK; Blocking fake GPS signal data; Continuous tracking of the user's location, and at the same time saving battery life of the device.

Data exchange with the server was implemented using the Retrofit library. Notifications of new events were realized with the help of EventBus, which greatly simplified the interaction with the life cycle of the application. Loading and caching images was entrusted to Universal Image Loader. Serialization and deserialization of data was carried out by the library from Google - Gson.

At this time, the application is available on Google Play.