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Many people find it difficult to get acquainted first, and even more so in a new place. Tiqqle was conceived as an application that will help users find people in new places. But not always the interlocutor turns out to be an interesting interlocutor and sometimes you want to be able to stop the conversation. Based on these considerations, Tiqqle does not require any personal data: the user himself decides what he wants to tell about himself.

Also, the product has full encryption, both on the client side and on the server side, so you can always be sure that conversations will remain private and anonymous. Even in case of server hacking.

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The application supports 2 ways of registration: regular registration using e-mail and password, as well as option with a completely anonymous account. But even if you use an anonymous account, the functionality of the application remains the same. Also, such an account can always be supplemented and linked to e-mail, so that you can re-enter the application.


The Tiqqle application uses the GPS signal data to determine the current user location and, based on this data, gives access to chats. The maximum radius of visibility of neighboring chats is 100 meters. Also, the application displays a list of chats that are nearby in a radius of 5 kilometers.

The application has built-in protection against counterfeiting of GPS signal data, so you can be sure that outsiders can not enter the conversation at the current location.


After determining the location, the server gives a list of available chats for the given location. The users themselves decide which chat rooms will be in this location. Any user can create new chats, as well as make them private for a certain range of users. Users have the opportunity to file complaints about chat rooms, which they consider not relevant.

In the conversation itself there is a standard functional: the invitation of users, the requirement to render ban to users, as well as the request to make the conversation private. The decision on these requests is made by the chat administrator - the user who created it.

There is always the opportunity to continue chatting in the chat, even if the current location of the user has changed. The main thing is for the user to visit it earlier and not be banned.


In the course of this project it was required to solve several non-standard tasks in order to ensure safety for users. Some of them: a ban on making screenshots; Impossibility of fake GPS signal; Data encryption with MQTT protocols; Encryption of data between the client and the server.

To implement the project, the Alamofire library was used to organize data exchange with the server. For convenience of serialization and deserialization of data, SwiftyJSON was used with a small customization, which was required by the encryption format of the server.

At the moment the application is available in the App Store.


The project has several non-typical tasks that have been successfully resolved. Some of them: creating an application in the Material-Design in the absence of the necessary API from the side of the Android SDK; Prohibition to take screenshots; Blocking fake GPS signal data.

Data exchange with the server was implemented using the Retrofit library. Notifications of new events were realized with the help of EventBus, which greatly simplified the interaction with the life cycle of the application. Loading and caching images was entrusted to Universal Image Loader. Serialization and deserialization of data was carried out by the library from Google - Gson.

At this time, the application is available on Google Play.