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Utrac Staff

Utrac Staff was conceived as an application for organizing events. With the help of it, the organizers should be able to distribute tasks between the team, and also to cut off their progress.

Tasks for the team

Using personal data, team members gain access to the system. The application displays the full list of tasks available to this user, as well as the time allotted for their execution.

With the help of this system, the participants can take on the performance of certain tasks and pay the time spent on the performance. There is also an opportunity to take time off or sick leave, which helps coordinate actions for all team members.


Data exchange with the server was implemented using the Retrofit library. Notifications of new events were realized with the help of EventBus, which greatly simplified the interaction with the life cycle of the application. Loading and caching images was entrusted to Universal Image Loader. Serialization and deserialization of data was carried out by the library from Google - Gson.

At this time, the application is available on Google Play.