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Mobile Apps Development Project Management
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Instruments: test driven development, behavior driven development, theory of constraints, value engineering, teamwork basing on open system principles

Regular process of mobile application development starts by crafting project strategies, planning, then UI/UX design, each stage testing, front-end development, then back-end integration, functional testing on devices, delivery. Experienced project managers at AXONIM Mobile Apps manage complete app development project focusing on customer requirements and expectations, leading at each project stage - vision, scope of works defining, risks identification, planning, scheduling, internal and external communications and coordination, control of activities and outcomes, ensuring that product is in line with customer's quality, overall time, budget demands.

Methodologies that we use - TDD, BDD, TOC, Value Engineering, teamwork basing on open system principles.

Our developers ensure application scope on mobile device and version compatibility - coding language, operating system, unsupported devices, environments, as well as integrated change control by development team - all expected changes are discussed with customer in details.

Communication is an essential part of the development project. Development team is reporting on a regular base, each technical change is cleared up with client, as well as necessary adjustments and phased release approach. Project teams check progress on daily and weekly meetings, initiating Skype, Viber conversation with the client regarding important issues, changes, suggestions, or milestones that are finished.